Dr. Jean-Yves Le Goff

Obesity surgery in Paris


Relevance, safety, and quality of obesity surgery

Effective and safe, Gastroplasty with Partial Stomach Plication (GPPE) developed by Doctor Jean-Yves Le Goff, world pioneer in laparoscopic digestive surgery.

May, obesity month

One after the other, the European Obesity Day on 19th May followed by the World Obesity Day on 23 May, shines a spotlight on the illness that is “obesity”. 

Metabolic surgery, one of the revolutionary treatments for diabetes?

Bariatric surgery has become “metabolic”, due to its impact on illnesses such as diabetes and not just on excess weight, observed in studies but also in real life.

Obesity surgery: band babies

Does pregnancy after obesity surgery come with conditions?

Scientific studies are reassurin about the results of pregnancies after obesity surgery, with no notable risk of congenital malformations.

Obesity surgery: the importance of long-term aftercare

The press has reported, specialists have given their opinion… The various studies on bariatric surgery with 20 years and more of hindsight, few and far between indeed, seem to concur. 

Obesity surgery: the lasting effectiveness of the Le Goff Technique

The Le Goff Technique, named after the surgeon who developed it, Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff, confirms its safety and remarkable efficiency, with zero mortality and very few post-operative complications.

Obesity surgery doomed to fail without treatment of the psychological causes

Surgical treatment for severe or morbid obesity is unlikely to be successful in the medium and long term, if the psychological causes, 80%-90% responsible for the disease are not also treated.

What follow-up after obesity surgery?

Post-operative follow-up remains a major issue in obesity surgery. This is the conclusion every year and recently by the National academy of surgery and work by the SOFFCO-MM.

Obesity surgery: the unknown health benefits

When everything else has failed to treat severe morbid obesity (98% of cases), bariatric surgery is the last resort.As such, bariatric surgery is life-saving and not purely aesthetic.

Should sleeve and bypass procedures still be performed?

A new reversible, adjustable and non-invasive treatment for morbid obesity, the Le Goff Technique, from the name of the surgeon, Jean-Yves Le Goff who developed it

Infantile obesity is now a worldwide crisis

I discover, without much surprise I might add, the latest WHO figures showing that infantile obesity is reaching alarming levels throughout the world. It is now estimated that 41 million children under five are overweight or obese in 2014.

The future of obesity surgery?

Doctor Le Goff answers these two questions:

– Why is the Le Goff Technique not used more widely?
– Why have you not spoken about it sooner?