Relevance, safety, and quality of obesity surgery

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Relevance, safety, and quality of obesity surgery

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Effective and safe, Gastroplasty with Partial Plication of the Stomach (GPSP) developed by Doctor Jean-Yves Le Goff, world pioneer in laparoscopic digestive surgery, opens up a new future for people with morbid obesity, for whom the surgery is the last resort.



An innovative surgical technique, the GPSP consists of gastroplasty (reduction of the gastric cavity by fitting a ring with 5 more technical aspects), including partial gastric plication (folding in the upper part of the stomach to cover and fix the ring), associated with significant psychological care by a multidisciplinary team before and after the intervention.

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With a very low complication rate, this non-mutilating method, with zero mortality, with lasting effects appreciated on a large series of 1102 patients collected, with 22 years of follow-up, is establishing itself as a serious alternative to restrictive and poorly absorptive methods. irreversible. These are most often characterized by the removal of 4/5 of the stomach, and/or short intestinal circuits (gastric bypass) with numerous complications, very high mortality and a very reduced quality of life.

The long and very long term effects of the anatomical modifications resulting from these mutilating interventions raise questions today without calling into question the proven effectiveness of bariatric surgery for severe or morbid obesity, true metabolic surgery (up to cure of arterial hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea…).


The GPSPmethod demonstrates the relevance of surgery that is as conservative as possible, reversible, and effective without mutilation. Through her holistic approach and her results, she contributes to reinventing the offer of bariatric and metabolic surgery by giving hope to adult and adolescent patients.