Dr. Jean-Yves Le Goff

Obesity surgery in Paris



Obesity surgery in Paris

“Now everything is easier, I am much more open to others”
Ambre, 43 years old – 60 kg

“After spending the best years of my life doing all sorts of diets (diuretic treatments, women’s magazine diets, cold weigh-in meetings, heat treatments, etc.) I considerably damaged my health. Despite positive weight-loss results, I could never stabilise.


Until the day I met my saviour… Dr Le Goff. I cancelled my first operation because I was terrified of being operated on, this wasn’t just a diet. But his patients reassured me greatly and explained that it was more than just having a band placed. So I scheduled a second operation and everything went well.


Today, I have gone from a size 58 to a size 36 and I have won back my self-confidence. I have relearned how to eat by listening to my body and the band. I feel beautiful and I am proud to have done it, for me and for my daughter. My only regret: that I didn’t meet Dr Le Goff sooner.”

“I feel 20 years younger, my health is back, and I feel really alive”
Mickael, 55 years old – 50 kg

“I learned about the Le Goff Technique with my wife at an appointment with Dr Le Goff. She was also having weight issues. The Doctor warned me about my condition and suggested placing a band. 6 months later, after the surgery, I don’t regret anything.


Dr Le Goff changed my life. The band has transformed me physically and mentally. I feel younger; I don’t have high blood pressure any more, no more problems of tiredness and sleep. On the family level, our new eating habits are an example to our youngest son who is in good health, whereas our oldest is obese and always saw us eating copiously at home.


It has also had an effect on my professional life. My change in behaviour means I go to work by bike, which delights my kids and makes me feel full of energy! Taking up sport again makes me feel alive!”


Obesity surgery in Paris

“I am a happy woman, this technique really saved me”
Cynthia, 41 years old – 43 kg


“Before the operation, my eating habits were quite chaotic. I started putting on weight at the age of 14, when my parents got divorced. After several diets that only led to a yoyo effect, I started taking appetite suppressants, endangering my health.


Then I put on 30 kg during my first pregnancy, but it was my second pregnancy and another 35 kg when I really started wondering how to win the battle.


At the time, I was working in a wedding shop and one client was returning regularly for dress refittings as she was losing weight spectacularly. She gave me the details of Dr Le Goff who operated on her.


Since my operation, I still love my food and I eat what I like. I have a social life I go to restaurants, except I eat small quantities without any frustration. For me it was a real salvation, I am completely transformed in both my body and my head.”

“I feel much better in my head and in my body”
Fatima, 34 years old – 54 kg

“I was operated in October 2011 and I have lost 54 kg. On the advice of a friend treated by Dr Le Goff, I wanted to meet him. I had previously tried various diets. I stopped sugary foods, tried acupuncture, lymphatic drainage. I lost weight but put back on twice as much. 


I was very impatient to have the operation. It went very well. I stayed three days in hospital. I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. I wondered how am I going to eat?


First, it was just liquids and semi-liquid. And then little by little, I started eating normal food. I had a second inflation and then some food wouldn’t go down I was no longer eating like before. I feel much better in my head and my body but I don’t see myself as I really am. I am more confident, have more self-assurance. It’s a new life, a rebirth for me.”

“Before, I was subject to the yo-yo effect and I put on more weight than I lost”
Svetlana, 35 years old – 40 kg

“I lost 40 kg and was operated in June 2011.


I had tried just about every fat-burning medication. I tried several diets. I consulted a nutritionist who gave me injections. In any case, if I lost weight, I fell into a yo-yo effect and put on more than I lost.


When my operation was scheduled, I was stressed out. But I felt no pain after the operation. I was really happy, everything went well. I was only eating soups and pureed food. Now I can eat everything again, except red meat which is still a problem for me. Today, I feel great. I can wear skirts and dresses again. My kids are also really happy.”