Dr. Jean-Yves Le Goff

Le Goff technique in Paris


The Le Goff Technique requires the patient to sign a contract with the surgeon to respect the dietary rules, psychological care and resumption of sport in order to guarantee loss of excess weight.


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This treatment agreement ensures the long-term success of the operation as the patient is no longer a passive spectator but an actor in the ensuing weight loss.

There is an agreement on dietary discipline. Food quantities are less as satiety is more rapid for the same quantity of food. There is also an agreement about resuming a physical activity (bicycle, swimming, aquagym, aquabike, etc.).


Le Goff technique in Paris

With the surgeon, regularly (about every two months) during the first year

With the various members of the team, the nutritionist 2 to 4 times in the first year (or more if necessary), the psychiatrist-psychoanalyst 2 to 4 times (or more if necessary).

The consultation with the psychiatrist-psychoanalyst is a legal requirement to undergo the operation: 2 to 4 visits in the first year are necessary and 2 in the second year. It is essential to assess the psychological state of the patient and that s/he is following the treatment agreement. The patient undertakes to see these people again and formalizes this with an informed consent signature.


Bariatric Surgery in Paris

Enables the multidisciplinary team to best help the patient with their weight loss, particularly with the change in body image and acceptance.
Means this considerable weight loss will be durable (20 years feedback).


Respecting the agreement proves the commitment of the patient who must be the main actor in the weight loss and not just a passive spectator.


The Le Goff Technique offers very good results because the psychological issues, responsible for 80 to 90 % of severe obesity, are dealt with at source by the multidisciplinary team.


The significant weight loss leads to considerable changes in family and occupational health, but also for loved ones, outings, leisure, etc.


A true resurrection occurs, some would say rebirth.


Sticking to the agreement is especially easy as patients are hardly hungry at all due to the technical aspects of the Le Goff Technique.

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