Le Goff Technique - Chirurgie de l'Obésité

Obesity surgery: gastric band surgery with partial plicature of the stomach, a serious alternative to bypass and sleeve surgery

Paris, 21 June 2017 – Gastric band surgery with partial plicature of the stomach, known as the Le Goff Technique, from the name of the surgeon who developed it, confirms its safety and remarkable effectiveness, with zero mortality and a very low rate of post-operative complications, according to the results of a study on 1,000 patients operated and 21 years of hindsight.

This technique that I developed 21 years ago, is continuing to produce long-lasting results. Hindsight allows us to evaluate its effects significantly, in the medium and long term for a high number of patients. What is remarkable, is the extremely stable nature of the weight loss (results better than or equal to the bypass), with a very considerable decrease in appetite”, underlines Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff, digestive surgeon and specialist in obesity surgery from the Trocadéro Clinique and the private hospital Seine Saint-Denis (Le Blanc-Mesnil).

This method offers a reliable and safe alternative to the sleeve and bypass methods, with zero mortality in 21 years and far fewer complications. There is also not the mutilating aspect and the associated nutritional deficiencies which are often so dramatic that one wonders why such operations are still offered to the severe and morbidly obese in 2017”, continues Dr Le Goff.

The study was conducted on a series of 1,000 patients evaluated since March 1996. The excess weight loss in the cohort varies between 59.1% and 100% (see table), with operating (within 30 days of the operation) and post-operative mortality of zero for 21 years, and very low post-operative morbidity (complications).

The results were presented at the annual Congress of the French Society for Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Diseases (SOFFCO-MM) which took place in Marseille from 25th to 27 May 2017.

Chirurgie de l'obésité - Le Goff Technique

The patients monitored for this study were aged between 18 and 65 with severe or morbid obesity, and a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to 59.

A “very modified” version of gastric banding, the Le Goff Technique is a new reversible, adjustable and non-invasive method of surgically treating morbid obesity. It consists of gastric band surgery (reduction of the gastric pouch by a band) and partial gastric plicature (the top of the stomach is folded down to cover and fix the band), combined with considerable psychological care.

Le Goff Technique - Chirurgie de l'obésité

“Psychological treatment is essential in this disease, which is 80% to 90% of psychological origin. It is very important not to add mutilations to the existing health problems relating to their obesity”, underlines Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff.

Pre- and post-operative medical follow-up is just as important. The regular inflation/deflation of the band means the link with the patient is maintained, reducing the risks of “forgotten” patients, unlike the sleeve and bypass procedures. In the vast majority of these cases, the very high number of “forgotten” patients is due to significant weight gain and sometimes dramatic nutritional deficiencies. Regular check-ups to inflate the band also enable any psychological issues or negative behaviour to be corrected and modulated.

“If we compare this method to the sleeve and bypass procedures, given the low morbidity and zero mortality, the absence of associated nutritional deficiencies and a much greater quality of life, it is a real alternative to offer obese patients in the future”, concludes Dr Le Goff.

About Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff

Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff is a laparoscopic digestive surgeon. Specialist in obesity surgery, he works at the Trocadéro clinic and at the Seine Saint-Denis (Le Blanc-Mesnil) private hospital. Formerly assistant clinical manager and resident in Paris hospitals, he is the founder and former manager of the endoscopic surgery unit at Bichat Hospital (1988-97). He is also a founding member of the French Society for Endoscopic Surgery (SFCE), of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) and of the Foundation for the development of laparoscopic surgery (FDCL): the 40 world, French and Belgian pioneers in laparoscopic digestive surgery. He is also a member of the French Society for Obesity Surgery (SOFCO). More information: www.legofftechnique.fr

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