Obese patients have many reasons for losing weight.
Here are eight of the most frequent:

Social reasons

• Drop in leisure activities
• Decrease in cultural outings and walks
• Pressure from others

Partner reasons

• To enhance conjugal relations
• Drop in libido
• To find a partner
• To rebuild a life after divorce

Medical reasons

• To prevent medical complications (high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnoea, heart problem, acid reflux, etc.)
• To improve or cure complications already present
• Warning from a doctor
• Debilitating joint pain
• Type 2 diabetes

Psychological reasons

• Enhanced self-esteem in depressed patients
• Need for reassurance at a key stage in life
• Disabling image during various life events (marriage, christening, circumcision, bar mitzvah, etc.)
• Increased awareness of self-image
Chirurgie de l'obésité - Le Goff Technique

Family reasons

• Shame and worry from children about an obese parent
• Worry from parents about an obese adolescent

Professional reasons

• To look for a first or new job
• Job interview
• Disabling image of obesity: “neglectful”, “letting go” and lack of dynamism
• Candidate for professional promotion

Physical reasons

• Limited practice of a usual physical activity
• Difficulty in continuing to practice preferred sports
• Difficulty in playing with children or bringing them to school
• Difficulty in climbing stairs (1 floor or ½ floor)
• Difficulty in getting dressed

Aesthetic reasons

• Difficulty getting dressed (size and appearance)
• Difficulty attracting
• Degraded body image
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