Relevance, safety, and quality of obesity surgery

La méthode GPPE (gastroplastie avec plicature partielle de l’estomac), chirurgie conservatrice, réversible et sans mutilations, répond aux préconisations de l’IGAS.

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Paris, 25 septembre 2018

Efficace et sûre, la Gastroplastie avec Plicature Partielle de l’Estomac (GPPE) mise au point par le Docteur Jean-Yves Le Goff,

Chirurgie de l'obésité - Le Goff Technique

Obesity surgery: new results confirm the lasting effectiveness of the Le Goff Technique

Paris, 2 August 2016 – The Le Goff Technique, named after the surgeon who developed it, Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff, confirms its safety and remarkable efficiency, with zero mortality and very few post-operative complications, according to the results of a new follow-up study on a series of 897 patients, over a period of 20 years.

Chirurgie de l'obésité - Le Goff Technique

Obesity surgery doomed to fail without treatment of the psychological causes, 80%-90% responsible for the disease

Following surgery, psychological care is essential to prevent relapse

Paris, 23 May 2016 – Surgical treatment for severe or morbid obesity is unlikely to be successful in the medium and long term, if the psychological causes, 80%-90% responsible for the disease are not also treated, says Dr Jean-Yves Le Goff, visceral surgeon specialising in obesity surgery,

Should sleeve and bypass procedures still be performed in 2015?

The Le Goff Technique is revolutionising obesity surgery with a reversible gastroplasty method with zero mortality

Paris, 26 June 2015 – A new reversible, adjustable and non-invasive treatment for morbid obesity, the Le Goff Technique, from the name of the surgeon, Jean-Yves Le Goff who developed it, has been shown to be remarkably effective over a period of 20 years,